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Leland Faulkner performing snowstorm effect.Welcome to my world of theatre and imagination!

I’m Leland Faulkner and for over three decades I’ve made my living using the techniques and disciplines of acting, mime, storytelling, writing and magic to create a world teeming with characters, stories and magic. From the eloquence of a pair of hands conjuring a menagerie, to a piece of folded paper, or an old hat brim, I use simple props to create magical worlds filled with charming characters and enriching stories for audiences of all ages. This website shares my many programs and services for presenters, students, audiences and colleagues. Thank you for visiting!


An excerpt from Walker Between Worlds. TO SEE MORE VIDEOS, CLICK HERE.



Family Program

World of Wonder

The coming together of classical conjuring, light hearted humor, amazing shadows, physical theatre, and a unique imagination has created a show that is sophisticated, yet accessible enough for the whole family.



Native American Stories

A collection of works dealing with Native America, and the Native American perspective. These visions are brought to life using the tools of theater, mime, spoken word, and visual magic.



Old Time Medicine Show

From the moment he arrives, there is action, magic, spectacle, and old time comedy. Whether sharing the amazing properties of El Toro Medicated Concentrate, or relating jokes and stories about old time America, this is a show that proves that laughter is the best medicine.



Screwball MC

Wally Wiggins is a hilarious way to keep your evening sparkling with humor and variety. Wally is the ultimate nerd, and his unexpected comic situations, and surprising magic will have your audience in stitches. Wally is available as a Master of Ceremonies, or brings a whole revue.



Spooky Ensemble Show

Dark Tales is a family production that will raise your spirits! Spooky, comic, and perfect for the Autumn season. It is a full stage, ensemble production, written, produced, and directed by Leland Faulkner. A spooktacular vaudeville spectacle for the whole family.



Brilliant Uberdorks!

An awesome comedy show packed with absurdity, incredible skills and explosive confetti. Situation normal until the arrival of Michael Menes and Leland Faulkner and then the world gets turned on its ear. In the tradition of classic American comedy teams SNAFU! is a collection of innovative comedy conceived by one of the most dynamic creative duets in the business. Suitable for all ages.



Site. Sound. Emotion.

iM2.earth pushes the boundaries of serious gravity, and is proud to announce their latest production, Ru12? Prepare to be transported into a world where imagination and reality intertwine in an extraordinary spectacle of sight, sound, and emotion that will leave you questioning the very fabric of reality. RU12? is a performance created for interactive art installations in collaboration with Transformit, Sputnik Animations, Chroma2Four and Eureka Arts Studio.




Via Zoom & On Location

By integrating the methods of his theater masters, modern media, and the technical training of motion pictures, Leland has evolved a path where participants can become architects of their own work.



Theatre Instruction for All Ages

My most basic artistic and educational mission is to remind people that they are surrounded with wonder at all times. I take elements from my artistic work and provide accessibility to physical theatre in a school environment.



Directorial Services for Touring Artists

I carry on in the tradition of my mentor, Tony Montanaro, to help others realize their visions on stage or online. For more information on rates or for a free consultation on a project, send me a message.



The Professor

I teach theatre and media arts through the Maine Arts Commission’s TEACHING ARTIST ROSTER and ARTS FOR LEARNING in Massachusetts and Connecticut along with other arts organizations across America.


I tour regionally and nationally as an original theatrical artist, writing and creating unique programs for theaters, schools, festivals and events including educational performances sharing stories from my Native American heritage.


From traditional theater to solo touring artists, I assist storytellers, mimes, magicians, physical comedians and unique variety performers of many disciplines in creating and refining their stage material from short pieces to full plays.


Wally MC

I create the wacky glue that holds an entire show together with my one and only Wally Wiggins, the love child of Jerry Lewis and Jackie Gleason. Rave reviews abound from organizations like the Society of American Magicians.


With a degree in film production from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California, I also write and produce award-winning documentaries and fiction films. Some include “The King of Cats,” “Theatre & Inspiration” and “As Luck Would Have It.”

Leland Faulkner

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