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Leland Faulkner ~ Magicpedia Bio

Leland Faulkner (born in 1957) is a mime, magician, and comedian. His love for magic was stirred after attending a magic show in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in the mid 1960”s. The magician was John Calvert.[1]

His routines for Troublewit, Chapeaugraphy, and his performance of Shadowgraphy have garnered him accolades from his peers as being highly original, entertaining, and innovative.

As a magic inventor he has created multiple effects like the multiplying eye-glasses, a version of the Chinese sticks using microphones, and a hilarious gag of being electrocuted by a faulty microphone, where his costume smokes and sparks fly from the microphone.

Leland’s theatre career was developed under the mentorship of Tony Montanaro, the legendary mime and teacher with whom Leland partnered for three years. Since those early years, Leland has worked around the world headlining events like the Shanghai Comedy Festival, Masters of Magic, Abbott’s Get-Together, The Yankee Gathering, Conference on Magic History, The Battle of the Magicians, Magician Alliance of Eastern States, the International Arts Carnival in Hong Kong, The Phyzgig Festival, The Moisture Festival, a multi-city tour of Japan, showcases at The Kennedy Center, Village of Tales, in Ojai, CA. The International Children’s Festival in Calgary, Canada, and was a featured artist at international circus festivals in Montreal, Canada, Wuqiao, China, Ankara, Turkey, and Izhevsk, Russia.

Leland presently tours, teaches, devises and directs for a living. Over the last few years he wrote and directed an original production Shadowplay at Virginia Commonwealth University, taught at The Very Physical Comedy Institute hosted by Celebration Barn Theatre, inspired teachers at the Tennessee Arts Academy, taught movement for opera singers at The Castleton Artists Training Seminar, and was the physical comedy director for The St. Louis Repertory Theatre’s production of One Man Two Guvnors.

He is a member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society.

His substantive career within the film and television industry has included lecturing on editing, and technical work for The Hollywood Film Institute, Theatrical Video Design for The Slightly Askew Players of California, and he was an artist/consultant to Robert Zemeckis and Castle Rock Pictures on the feature film The Polar Express. In 1997 he won a Cine Eagle for As Luck Would Have It, and in 2007 won a national Award of Excellence for his documentary film Theatre & Inspiration. He has won the Maine Short Film Competition for his short fiction film The King O’ Cats starring Avner Eisenberg and Nancy Smithner. His film won Best Children’s Feature at the International Independent Film and Video Festival in New York City.

Most recently he played the role of a not so wise wizard in a film parody of Shakespeare’s Richard the Third titled Richard Cubed produced by BooDog Films.


Leland Faulkner ~ Shorter Bio

Leland Faulkner grew up in Africa, Afghanistan and Iran, and has traveled throughout Europe, and the Far East. He studied with a variety of distinguished teachers including master mime artist Tony Montanaro with whom he partnered for three years.

For four years he was the co-owner and director of The Celebration Barn Theatre, in Maine, there he established an international roster of master teachers and innovative workshops that continue to bring top ranked training experiences to the theatre field.

Leland is also an award winning film maker and digital media producer, holding a degree in Motion Picture Studies from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Some of his awards include a national Cine-Eagle Award, The Videographer’s Award, Best Children’s from The NY International Independent Film and Video Festival, and winner of The Maine Short Film Competition .

Leland has been a touring theatre artist for over twenty five years, and has performed and taught at international theatre and circus festivals in Hong Kong, Russia, China, Canada, the U.S., and Japan. For seven years he was on the distinguished roster of Affiliate Artists®, out of New York City, and was sponsored by major corporations to perform in communities around the United States as part of an artist residency program bringing career artists to underserved communities.

Leland lives in Maine, where he develops new projects for stage and screen, while enjoying life with the two lights of his life, his wife and daughter.


Longer Resume

Leland Faulkner ~ Longer Bio

Leland Faulkner’s performances are a feast for the heart and mind. He is a magician, a character actor, and a mime artist. His performances stretch the imagination and bridge our differences by bonding us with creative spirit, humor, and mystery. He is famed for his Shadowgraphs and Chapeaugraphy, two lost arts that have been given a fresh breath of life under his care, yet he is more than that. 

Leland Faulkner has been an actor, mime, and magician for over thirty years. Early in his career he worked with Affiliate Artists as a corporate arts liaison in communities throughout the United States. For many years he partnered, toured, and taught with master mime Tony Montanaro, and was the artistic director of Celebration Barn in South Paris, Maine. In the years following he has taught and performed at major venues, schools, colleges, theatre festivals, cultural exchange programs, international circuses, and in private workshops for professional performing artists. He has also created original content and special effects for both motion picture and stage productions.

Leland has a variety of productions and characters that he tours, including his current one man family show World of Wonder, and his comedy revue Wonderama. 
Programs specifically designed for young people have included Urashima Taro an Illustrated Japanese Folktale that premiered at the Kennedy Center, which was so successful it toured for seven years. Additionally, he has toured nationally with his productions, The Rain Forest, and Carnival of the Animals.

Older audiences appreciated Leland’s jazz/poetry/theatre project staged around New England called Thirteen Ways of Looking At a Blackbird which was created with a grant from the Maine Community Foundation and in conjunction with jazz composer Steve Grover, (Steve’s composition for this production won the Thelonious Monk Award at Kennedy Center. Then there is the ongoing and original production Shadowplay written and produced at Virginia Commonwealth University during his period there as an adjunct professor. In his adopted state of Maine, his seasonal Halloween production of Dark Tales became an annual sold out event at the Celebration Barn Theatre in South Paris, Maine for four years, has played at the Center Stage Theatre in Santa Barbara, California, and was restaged in October 2012 in conjunction with L/ A Arts. 

In the early 1990’s Leland decided it was time to learn about a subject that has always fascinated and intrigued him, the world of motion pictures, and in August of 1996 Leland graduated with honors from the internationally acclaimed Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Subsequently he was hired to lecture on the art of editing film for the Hollywood Film Institute, and was the casting director on two films, including the feature Pit Stop. Leland’s entry into the CINE film competition with his first student produced motion picture As Luck Would Have It received a prestigious CINE Eagle Award. Following this, his visually rich, animated film, `The Sky God’s Dance’, was featured at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, The One Reel Festival in Seattle, and is often used to open his live family concerts. He won the Maine Film Competition for his short film The King O’ Cats. He has been the Director of Photography on the television programs `Street Safe’, and `Legends of the Gold Coast’, has documented artists like Beatrice Wood (104 year old Dada artist) on 16mm film, and has archived various theatres, and performing arts groups. He is proud to have been the tribal video archivist for the native Hutash people of the California coast. For two years he was a key producer and editor for Inside Santa Barbara, a local California TV news magazine. Most notably, he was an artist/consultant to the major motion picture, The Polar Express

His theatre work has had him featured at Arts Carnival in Hong Kong, The Ojai Storytelling Festival in California, the Equitable Center in New York City, an extended tour of Japan for the Kageboushi Theatre Company, a month long, multi-city tour of China with the Wuqiao Circus Festival in 2011, and in Russia at the Ivhesk International Circus Festival in 2012, to name a few. Leland currently works as a performing artist, and an independent film maker based in New England, where he continues to develop projects for stage and screen. He currently resides in Maine with the two lights of his life his wife and daughter.


Leland Faulkner Resumé

Leland Faulkner ~ Resumé

Performing Arts
• Performing Partner with Tony Montanaro 1983 ~ 1986
• Owner/Artistic Director of Celebration Barn Theatre in S. Paris, ME – 1989 ~ 1993
• Headliner Little Ladies and Gentlemen Festival – Ankara, Turkey

• Headliner Cirque Vaudreil-Dorian, Montreal, Canada
• Headliner Iveshk Interantional Circus Festival – Ivheshk, Russia
• Headliner International Circus Festival – China

• Headliner SNAFU, Shanghai International Comedy Festival – Shanghai, China 2019
• Yong Audences of Massachusetts 2014 ~ 2021

• Art f Lernin Coecticut 2015 ~ 2021

Film and Media 
• Casting Director for the feature film -Pit Stop – Hollywood, CA 1996

• Editor, camera man, and co-producer of Inside Santa Barbara, 1997 ~ 1999
• Nuestra Ciudad City TV18, Santa Barbara, CA 1997 ~ 1999

• Artist Consultant for The Polar Express, Castle Rock Pictures – 2004

• Director/and Editor of the documentary film Theatre & Inspiration – 2006
• The Sky God’s Dance – 16mm animated film

• The Spirit of Lobero – 16mm documentary film

• Legends of the Gold Coast – Genesis Productions 1998

• Lecturer on Editing-Hollywood Film Institute 1996 ~ 1997

• Performer – The Gong Show / SNAFU-ABC 2019
• Director of Mime, Equus, Emporia State University 1979

• Director/Deviser/Dramaturge 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird 1986

• Co-Director with David Leong, Shadowplay, Schaeffer Theatre, VCU 2008

• Director – Pinocchio, Michael Katz, a one man retelling of the classic tale, 2012

• Director – Naughty Tales written by Motoko Dworkin, Ojai Storytelling Festival, Ojai, CA 2013
• Director/Deviser, Toast!, Kirk Marsh, The United Solo Theatre Festival, NYC, New York, 2013
• Director – Origami Tales – Kuniko Yamamoto, Japanese Tales, 2013
• Physical Comedy Director – One Man Two Guvnors – St. Louis Repertory Theatre 2014

• Director-Beyond the North Wind, Steinhardt School, New York University, New York, 2016

• Director/Coach The Magic Hat Show with Bennie Bendini and Bebe,The Magic Circus 2020

• Director/Coach The Amazing Science Whiz Show, The Magic Circus, 2021

• Director/Coach Bernie Krame mime/storyteller New York, New York 2022

Degrees, Awards and Recognitions 

•Bachelor of Arts, Brooks Institute, Santa Barbara, CA 1997 (Departmental Award) 

•Alumni of the Affiliate Artist Program -Seven years on roster, New York City, NY 

•Arts Commissioner, Maine Arts Commission-1993 ~ 1994 

•Lila Wallace/Reader’s Digest Foundation/Payson Fund-1991-Grant Recipient 

•National Cine Eagle-1997 for the motion picture As Luck Would Have It 

•Brooks Institute of Photography Departmental Award- 1996 

•Videographers Award-1998 for Inside Santa Barbara, CityTV18, Santa Barbara, CA 

•Artist Delegate for the Sister City Program Portland, ME/Shinigawa, Japan-1988 

•Videographers Award-2007 for Theatre & Inspiration 

•Winner of the Maine Short Film Competition-2007 for The King O’ Cats 

•New York International Film Festival -2007 Winner-Best Children’s for The King O’ Cats 

•The Accolade Awards (4 awards)-2007 for The King O’ Cats 

•Kennedy Center Award of Merit for Directing Shadowplay College Theatre Festival 2008 

•Kennedy Center Award of Merit for Technology Shadowplay College Theatre Festival 2008


•Antic Arts co-taught with Fred Garbo, Celebration Barn 1985 

•Three Faces of Mask co-taught with Bari Rolf and Justine Fixel, Celebration Barn 1986 

•Beginnng and Advanced Mime co-taught with Tony Montanaro, Celebration Barn 1986 

•Adjunct Professor-Improvisation, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA 

•The Movement Lab, independent workshop,-Santa Barbara, CA 1998 

•The Very Physical Comedy Institute co-taught with John Towsen, Leonard Pitt, Sigfrido Aguilar 

•The Kinetic Connection an ongoing virtual workshop for performing artists 2021-Present


Producing The Dove

Leland Faulkner ~ Performance Highlights

L/A Maine

Celebration Barn

Cirque Vaudreuil-Dorion
Featured Artist, Montreal, Canada

Ivheshk International Circus Festival
Featured Artist, Ivheshk, Russia

Wuqiao International Circus Festival
Featured Artist, Wuqiao, China

Phyzgig Physical Theatre Festival
Headliner, Portland, Maine

Mohonk Mountain House
Multiple appearances over ten years
Festival of the Arts, New Paltz, NY

Magic on Manhattan
Headliner, Manhattan, NY

Ojai Storytelling Festival
Headliner, Ojai, California

Performances to Grow On
World of Wonder – Thousand Oaks Civic Center, Thousand Oaks, California

Yankee Gathering
Headliner, New England Magic Collector’s Association, Massachusetts

Calgary International Children’s Festival
Headliner, Calgary, Canada

Hong Kong International Arts Carnival
Headliner Hong Kong

Ebaru Cultural Center
Artist Delegate, Sister City Program Portland, Maine/Shinigawa, Japan

Asian Arts Presenters
World of Wonder, Tour of Japan

Masters of Magic
Headliner, various venues throughout the United States

Charleston Heights Performing Arts Center
World of Wonder, Las Vegas, Nevada

Magic in the Rockies
Headliner, Magician’s conference, Fort Collins, Colorado

New England New Vaudeville Festival
Headliner, various venues around New England

Fool’s Fest
Montpelier, Vermont

Affiliate Artists
Multiple residences over seven year period around the United States

The Today Show
NBC, New York, NY


Leland Faulkner ~ Filmography

The Spirit of Lobero (1996) Producer and editor, 16mm Documentary

The Sky God’s Dance (1997) Producer and editor, 16mm cut-out animation

As Luck Would Have It (1997) Producer and editor 16mm, Short Subject Winner of National Cine Eagle-1997

Slightly Askew Players (1994 ~ 1998) Hired with Glynn Beard, as the Video Design Artist for the theatre company

Slightly Askew Players in Santa Barbara, California (1994 ~ 1998) Created video projection backgrounds to be used during play performances. These “video walls” were subtext backgrounds, used to support the story and performance content of the original plays. Beard and Faulkner shot, edited, and technically ran the video cues for these video walls for several theatre productions.

The Polar Express (2004) Castle Rock Pictures – Shadowplay Consultant

Invention & Alchemy / Deborah Hanson-Conant DVD (2005) aired on PBS, and
nominated for Grammy) – Creative Consultant 2005

Theatre & Inspiration / Tony Montanaro DVD (2006) Director/Editor with Huey, and Richard Searls.
The Award of Excellence- The Videographer Awards

Under African Skies / Antonio Rocha DVD (2007) Gold Seal/Parent’s Choice Award Videographer/Editor/ Producer

The King O’ Cats (2007) Producer/Director/Editor Maine Short Film Competition Winner 2007 
Best Children’s – NYIIFVF, New York, 2007
. 4 Accolade Awards – The Accolades, Los Angeles.


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