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Join us for an unforgettable event of wonder and exploration as iM2.earth presents Ru12?  Buckle yourself in, put your trays up, and prepare to be amazed, inspired, and transported to a realm where the impossible becomes possible.

iM2.earth is the off planet performance duet known for productions like SNAFU 2.0 and have decades of experience creating playful theater. iM2.earth pushes the boundaries of serious gravity, and is proud to announce their latest production, Ru12? Prepare to be transported into a world where imagination and reality intertwine in an extraordinary spectacle of sight, sound, and emotion that will leave you questioning the very fabric of reality.

At iM2.earth, we believe that theater is more than just entertainment, it is a powerful medium that allows us to present parodies, perceptions and paradoxes that spark conversations. In Ru12? we communicate with the Other. On landing, you will witness shapeshifting performers who seamlessly transition from one form to another, blurring the lines between human and creature like the enigmatic spike creature—a mesmerizing entity that blends elegance and danger. Watch in awe as the performers manipulate space and time, experience awe-inspiring shadow play, where light and darkness merge to create ethereal and mystical shapes that dance before your eyes. This physical and visual storytelling creates an immersive experience like no other as you witness mind-bending illusions, gravity-defying optical juggling, and humorous interactions that will take you to the outer limits.

PURCHASE TICKETS THROUGH www.chroma2four.com

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