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In this section of my site, you’ll find all the media files needed to present my touring shows as well as an archive of several film projects and videos of sketches I’ve created and toured. There are also films including a documentary, works of fiction and stories that I have directed and filmed. There are tech docs for light plots, study guides for school residencies along with my resumé and biographical downloads for publicity. If there are other docs your organization requires to present my work, just drop me a message!


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Shadowplay (Sketch)
Gone Fishing (Sketch)
Wally’s Wonderama (Production)
Walker Between World’s (Sample)
The Variety Arts Podcast (Interview)
Chapeau (Sketch)


King of Cats (Fiction)
The Sky God’s Dance (Fiction)
Theatre & Inspiration (Documentary)
The Red King (Story)
The Beggar King (Story)


Bio (Longer)
Bio (Shorter)
Study Guide
Tech Rider
Dreamcatcher Bio
Walker Between Worlds Bio


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