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The visioning and creation of a new work combining indigenous theater and animation.

This was an unforgettable year for my theater work based on indigenous storytelling and movement theater practice.

The premiere of Walker Between Worlds, in partnership with The Marsh Theater in San Francisco and the staging of Dreamcatcher at Wabash College in Indiana, plus my live appearances with the Ojai Storytelling Festival, Performances to Grow On, and educational engagements with Arts for Learning, like The International Festival of Arts and Ideas, has made the year transformational. In the last year and a half, I reached more communities with my program and made a bigger impact than I had ever imagined possible during the pandemic. Your support and engagement makes it all possible!

However the impact is hard earned and sustainability is still a dream. Join me in my journey this year and for the first time you can give a tax-deductible donation to support my latest project through The Field’s Sponsored Artist Program. I am thankful to The Field for bringing me into the fold.

As we look to 2024, I am reimagining my work and diving into unexplored expressions of indigenous story making. Here are some of the exciting things that your donation will support:

The visioning and creation of a new work. With the working title of The Storytelling Stone, this fresh addition to The Dreamcatcher repertoire will combine live performance with digital artistry, new music and audio, and imbue it all with a native perspective. This contemporary take on traditional themes will include animators tasked with bringing Native petroglyphs to life and using interactive animation and storytelling to evoke a spiritual world by calling out to the old ways. It will be a stunning and beautiful vision that shares the good medicine and wisdom of indigenous America.

Workshops and educational outreach. We are thrilled to envision collaborating with young people in educational settings, teaching respect for indigenous viewpoints, and providing an engaging experience that reaches out to community.

An expansion of my work with social justice themes supporting representation for all unjustly treated members of the native population especially MMIW, (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women).

I need your help in reaching my $8,000 funding gap before December 31, 2023.

Your gift directly supports the cost of curating this addition to the repertoire, including procuring a lighting control system, video projection technology, animation artists, designer fees, and support for the live, public performance of the project.

No gift is too small or big, and it is all tax deductible thanks to my participation in The Field’s Sponsored Artist Program. Checks should be made out to The Field and sent to:

Dreamcatcher Project

C/O Leland Faulkner

2426 Turner Road

Auburn, ME 04210

OR…You can make your tax deductible donation digitally via THE FIELD by clicking on this link:

DONATE to The Dreamcatcher Project

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