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Direction, training and video production for beginners to seasoned professionals.

I have three basic offerings in regard to my teaching,  direction and video services. Kinetic Connection is for those who are actively involved in developing material for touring. My Directorial Services involves private one-on-one develop of live performances, video or other creative projects. School Residencies are workshops and classes in the public and private schools.

Kinetic Connection

Leland Faulkner has been teaching, directing, and performing for a generation. His career has spanned theater, circus, and film. In this workshop you will explore techniques for creating performances that impact audiences. Empower your performance with authenticity, skill, knowledge and inspiration. This lab shares the techniques that Leland has gathered over a thirty year career as a director, mime, actor, film maker, magician, and storyteller.


Directorial Services

As a director of live stage and media arts, I have assisted many touring artists in crafting their own performances. From devising material to editing to solving technical issues to documenting work for publicity purposes or to share through electronic means, I carry on in the tradition of my mentor, Tony Montanaro, to help others realize their visions on stage or online. For more information on rates or for a free consultation on a project, send me a message.


Student Workshop

School Residencies

Make your own story come to life by using improvisation. Imagine you are around afire sitting at the mouth of a cave long ago. Start by putting everyone in a circle and choosing one person to start the story. Say, “Once there was a… ?” Use movement to tell the tale to make it come to life. Leland conducts workshops following performances as well as residencies that involve several days of instruction to develop a recital for drama students.


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