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Directorial Services from Energetic Beginners to Seasoned Pros...

I teach and direct students at all levels. I also write, direct, edit and produce media for performers. Primarily, this work fits into the following three categories. (Click on an image to go to the full page.)

School Residencies

Student Workshop

My most basic artistic and educational mission is to remind people that they are surrounded with wonder at all times. I aim to bring diverse groups together by devising and presenting performances that share elements of physical theatre, international culture, and individual imagination. Character, Mime, and Story seem to cross cultural boundaries either by bringing narratives to life in live performance, or by performing universal material that crosses boundaries by using humor.  My performances and teachings take elements from my artistic work and provide accessibility to physical theatre in a school environment.  Seeing live theatre as a young boy was a magical experience, and I want to make that thrill reoccur in the heart of another generation.


Master Classes

Kinetic Connection Monthly Zoom Workshops

By integrating the methods of his theater masters, modern media, and the technical training of motion pictures, Leland has evolved a path where participants can become architects of their own work. By creating a performance using graphic physicality and corporeal form, artists can craft meaningful theater journeys for their live and virtual audiences. Tangibly mapping the work using the metaphoric archetypes resourced by writers, storytellers, film makers, and directors around the world gives great insight into the elements of structure. The seminal ideas of Jung and Joseph Campbell have provided an enlightened approach to character and plot development. Their concepts are explored and applied to performance, and the craft of creating memorable work.


Directorial Services

As a director of live stage and media arts, I have assisted many touring artists in crafting their own performances. From devising material to editing to solving technical issues to documenting work for publicity purposes or to share through electronic means, I carry on in the tradition of my mentor, Tony Montanaro, to help others realize their visions on stage or online. Here are a few of the areas that I specialize in when directing other performing artists:

– Creating an arch for a production.
– Originality and authenticity.
– Physicality & Atmosphere
– Light, Sound, Projection and Technology
– Promotional Materials, Branding and Business Plans


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